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Car Hire Firm: Apex Car Rental

This is our Apex Car Rental Car Hire page. We have listed the full address of Apex Car Rental, phone numbers and websites. Apex Car Rental is in Eastbourne, Apex Car Rental offers cheap car hire and cheap car rental in Apex Car Rental. They also offer cheap last minute car hire, weekend car hire and one day short notice car hire in Eastbourne | [Edit Text]

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Latest Reviews

* Bob

BEWARE OF APEX Car Rental at 61 Cavendish Place, Eastbourne BN21 3RL
I was ripped off 500 deposit from my credit card by Deana Grondona the branch manager and Roland Standley the managing director for a miniscule paint ripple on the bonnet.

Local garage could repair for 30 but Apex refused and charged me 500 towards the excess for the damage.

Be careful, always take photos of the car body before signing rental contract with Apex. I failed to notice the ripple at the time of taking the car. Apex capitalises on your lack of attention and will steal your deposit when they can.

Dec 10, 2011

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